Please remember to drain all exterior hose bibs/faucets, otherwise the pipes will freeze. Repairs due to frozen pipes will be at the cost of the unit owner/resident.

Also please ensure that snow is cleared away from patio doors and does not accumulate above the thresholds.

We also ask that you remove all articles from your deck to facilitate the clearing of snow off the decks this winter should it be required.


The city of Ottawa notified us that there will be road resurfacing on King Edward Ave starting on September 25.

La ville d'Ottawa nous a informé qu'il y aura un réasphaltage de la Avenue King Edward à partir du 25 septembre.

We received the following invitation from a former neighbor of ours here at Cobourg Court:

Next Tuesday August 15, from 5pm to 8pm, the community will celebrate the heritage designation of the Park. For details, please see LCA's email and press release below in French and English.

Hope many neighbours from you Condo Association will join the celebration. Could you please share this email with them. Many thanks and best regards,

Ilona Horvath

Event Coordinator (Macdonald Gardens Park 2017)

Given the extensive flooding in our region and the proximity of our property to the Rideau River, I think it is natural for us to wonder: are we in any danger of flooding? Thankfully, the answer appears to be a no.

The Chimney Doctor will be on site to inspect and clean the chimneys.

DATE:   WEDNESDAY, October 19, 2016

Time:    Beginning at noon

This is weather permitting. Rain day is Thursday, October 20, 2016.

Kindly ensure that the door to your fireplace is closed.

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated.