Please remember to drain the hose bib in your carport and back yard, otherwise, the pipes will freeze.  Repairs due to frozen pipes will be at the cost of the unit owner/resident.

Also, please ensure that snow is cleared away from patio doors and does not accumulate above the thresholds.

We also ask that you remove all articles from your deck to facilitate the clearing of snow off the decks this winter should it be required.


Owners are reminded to drain all exterior water pipes and shut them off at the shut-off valve, to ensure that the pipes do not freeze and break during the winter. This is especially important for units that have a hose bib on the balcony, as the pipe leading to this hose bib is uninsulated.

Some essential roof repair will commence tomorrow, October 22, expected to be completed on Monday, October 26.

For details, please see this notice that was deposited in everyone's mailbox today.

Chimney cleaning will take place in the afternoon on Tuesday, October 13, weather permitting.

UPDATE (Oct 14): Due to the rain yesterday, chimney cleaning has been postponed and it will now take place between noon and 2 PM on Thursday, October 15.

For details, please see the notice that was deposited in everyone's mailbox earlier this week.

Contractors will be on site on Tuesday, September 1 at 10:00 AM to inspect the roofs.