Top Hat (A/C service vendor) is tentatively scheduled to return to our property on July 6 to reconnect the air conditioners of units 7-19. The vendor agreed to work with us and come earlier, if possible, should the retaining wall project be finished ahead of schedule.

The reconstruction of the retaining wall behind units 7-21 is set to begin. We thank the owners and residents of these units for their exemplary cooperation. We will do our best to ensure that air conditioners can be reinstalled as soon as possible.

Owners and residents are kindly reminded that the interior courtyard of our property is neither a storage facility nor a children's playground. Storing inappropriate items such as large toys affects the perception of our property and ultimately, property values. Playing, e.g., ball games in the courtyard risks injury and there is also the possibility of damaging a vehicle or another unit. Please refrain from these activities or find a proper venue for them, such as a neighboring park.

A stray cat has been found in our courtyard.

The City of Ottawa sent all residents a letter inviting us to an information session (held 5PM, June 19 2014, at Patro) about the rehabilitation project that just began on St. Patrick St. (See also the City's Web site.)