The 2021-22 budget is now available and has been distributed to owners.

Dear Cobourg Court Members,

Astro has arranged external window cleaning for the week of 24 May. You may wish to keep your windows and blinds closed.

If you have tenants, please pass  on this information.

Thanks and enjoy the nice weather!

A contractor will be on site Saturday April 17 starting at 9 am (to 1 pm) to sweep the courtyard and carport areas.

In order for all areas to be swept, we would like to ask you to move your vehicle from your parking area to the street or in rotation to the visitor parking spots. Please ensure to observe proper physical distancing from your neighbours and the contractor.

Also, if you have any household items that you would like removed, please place them at the front of your carport that day and the contractor will dispose of them. 

We thank you for your cooperation and assistance as the corporation continues its efforts to maintain the property to its highest standards in light of these difficult times.

Chimney cleaning will take place, weather permitting, on Tuesday, September 29. Please read this notice.